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Hey there. I’m Jacek – a sales copywriter.

I use emotions and persuasion backed by research to help you move your audience to action, sell your products… ​​​​​​​and build relationships that encourage your customers to keep coming back.

Let’s get you your sales copy – hit the button to get the ball rolling:

Only a small portion of your audience takes action because of the strong need for your offer…

The rest of the people require a persuasive and deliberate invite to do so.

Imagine doubling the number of sales by inspiring those “lost sheep” and giving them an opportunity to take action.

The problem?

You can’t do that unless you establish a relationship with them. And, even then, you can’t just slap a couple random emails together and expect people to buy from you.

You see, most people don’t use logic during the purchase process – so you cannot expect them to follow your sales copy filled with logical arguments. Simply telling them that your offer is pretty cool won’t work… That’s what your competitors keep telling them all day long.

If you want to stand out, you need to understand their biggest fears and pain points.

Find their most secret needs and desires. 

Then, show them how you can help them overcome those fears and fulfill those needs. Position your brand as the go-to expert.

Present it as THE solution.

Paint the picture of how your offer is going to move them closer to achieving their dreams…

Of course, to do all that and convert as many people as possible, you need to speak the right language. 

That’s where I come in.

My goal is to help you find the right messaging for your products and services and write copy that sells them. 

Of course, there’s a lot more to that process.

Interested in making more money?

Hit the button below and let’s see if we’re a good fit. 

Selected Clients About Working with Me:

See short testimonials from clients that I had the pleasure of working with:

Jacek is a highly professional and a pleasure to work with. He goes above and beyond what was required. He is a superb copywriter and is very communicative. He understands the requirements and the results are extraordinary. I had a pleasure working with Jacek and would recommend him highly.

Nathan Lau

Entrepreneur, Affiliate Marketer, Stone Frying Pans

I worked with Jacek on several projects for Polish companies targeting international customers and the quality surpassed my expectations each and every time. He’s a skilled and reliable copywriter who understands audience needs very well and knows how to present the core value of one’s product or service. I recommend Jacek to anyone looking for top-notch copywriting.

Mateusz Winkler

Direct Response Copywriter

Once again, Jacek has provided a great quality of work as per the brief. This is the second time I have hired him and it won’t be the last.

Craig Nammontri

eCommerce Entrepreneur, Digital Startup

It was great to work with Jacek and he created fantastic results! If you get a chance to work with Jacek, take it!

Ridzert Ingenegeren

Product Designer,

Curious to see my writing style?

Go ahead and visit my blog where I discuss various copywriting, sales, and marketing funnel topics. And if you’d like to see examples of my past work, go straight to contact form and shoot me a message.

My Copywriting Arsenal

Here’s What Tools I’ll Use to Help You Achieve Your Business Goals


$42 for each $1 you spend*

Onboarding, nurturing, outreach? Email marketing offers very generous ROI to those who use it right. It’s also the key to building long-term relationships with your audience. Keep your subscribers engaged and turn your list into a marketing engine you can tap into whenever you need new leads.


Web Copy

Your first impression matters.

Let’s face it – your visitors are very judgmental, busy, and impatient. Your website needs to establish credibility, tell that they’re in the right place and stop them from leaving – all within seconds. But, most importantly, your website copy needs to compel your visitors to action.

Landing Pages

Goal-oriented – no fluff.

Stop sending your visitors to pages that overwhelm them and don’t help them make a decision. If you want to achieve great marketing results, you need landing pages that guide your visitors towards conversion. Be it sharing their email address or buying your product or service.

Direct Mail

It’s alive and kickin’

Great marketers know that best strategies use multiple channels. When everyone’s focus is shifting to the Internet, direct mail gives your brand a chance to stand out and reach a new pool of customers. It’s tangible, trackable, and gives you undivided attention – something that’s scarce in the online world.

Facebook Ads

Get noticed.

Tap into one of the most popular online advertising channels. Use Facebook ads copy to build brand awareness, attract visitors to your landing pages, establish relationships, and sell your products.

Online Sales Letters

Personal, persuasive, effective.

Can’t wait to show your latest course, service or physical product to your audience and get the money rolling in? A sales letter will help you educate potential customers, overcome their concerns and answer their questions. Which is exactly what you need to make a sale.

How much is it going to cost?

I’d love to give you a ballpark figure right here – but the reality is, I can’t tell you. At least not until we talk during a discovery call. Hit the button to find out why that is.

Need anything else? Reach out and let’s have a chat to see if I can help you.

Top-of-the Funnel Content

Long-form articles.

Long-form how-to articles, guides, and listicles. Compared to traditional blog posts, they allow you to answer a lot more questions of your customers. As a result, they attract more backlinks, get more shares and rank better – simply speaking, they get more eyeballs on your brand.

Lead magnets.

Boost your opt-in rate. Use high-converting lead magnets to attract opt-ins and build a list full of engaged subscribers who take action any time you shoot them an email!

Consulting Services 


Sales Funnel Content Strategy

Producing random content generates random results. If you want to get the most out of your emails, blog posts, ads, and landing pages – you need to analyze your sales funnel first. I’ll help you plan


>> Get Funnel Strategy


Customer Persona and Voice Research

Who’s your ideal client? Knowing that allows you to understand their desires, habits and pain points – simply speaking – find what makes them tick. And once you know that – design marketing creatives that’ll speak to their deepest needs.


>> Get Customer Persona

Still Not Sure Why You Should Hire a Copywriter?

I could talk about the benefits of what good copywriting can do for your for your business for hours – some of its benefits include:

- Presenting your offer as THE solution

- Positioning your brand as a go-to EXPERT

- Influencing and PERSUADING your audience

- Getting better RETURN on your ad spend

- Establishing relationships with potential CLIENTS

- Establishing relationships with potential CLIENTS

- Moving people through the funnel towards PURCHASE

- Getting RETURNING customers with email sequences

- Building your image and helping you STAND OUT from the crowd

- Making your audience ACT when you want them to

But we all know that, ultimately, it all comes down to:

Selling More of Your Products and Making Your Customers Come Back for More*

Ready to do just that?

*of course, you’ll need to deliver on the promise 🙂

Let’s Get You Your Sales Copy

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